Mishcon de Reya has created Mayfair Private to provide private advisory services for a select group of families by bringing together a broad range of highly qualified professionals to seamlessly manage their affairs.

Mishcon de Reya’s founder Lord Mishcon was an advisor to presidents, prime ministers, royalty, international families and businesses around the world and his approach to the management of clients has continued to this day. As he did, we appreciate the privilege of sitting alongside our clients as a trusted advisor.

We have over 80 years’ experience of building close relationships with an international community of clients leading to a deep understanding of their needs, and the dynamics and politics of families, family businesses and personal relationships.

Mayfair Private builds on this experience by bringing together the services of a range of professionals to provide a single team to meet the specific requirements of our clients. These include the 400 lawyers from Mishcon de Reya alongside accountants, education advisors, property advisors and psychologists amongst other best in breed professionals.

We do not provide investment advice, although we can recommend wealth managers or work with your existing ones.

We know that each of our clients is unique and therefore the configuration of services we provide to them will be as well.

Advisory Services for families

We work with our clients to develop the strategies that safeguard the family and best protect their assets.

Legal and Tax Structuring

Our team offers strategic tax advice on the creation of a domestic and/or international framework for asset management that can deploy trusts, foundations, corporate entities and other vehicles to protect our clients' long term financial interests and those of their families. We also manage the implementation and ongoing administration of the structures created.

Private Trust Company Creation

In those cases where clients need an alternative to a Protector as a way of controlling a trust, we can advise and assist on the formation of a Private Trust Company which can ensure that the trust achieves its original objectives.

Protector Services

Our experience dealing with international families means that we are acutely aware of the need for confidential and robust services to ensure that the trustees who are appointed to operate any structures comply with their obligations. We can pursue and remove those trustees who do not and therefore ensure the settlor's original ideas and intentions are followed through.

Succession planning and family governance

We help families to define and articulate their aspirations and objectives which provide the foundation for sound estate and succession planning, family and business governance and equitable inter-generational wealth transfer.

Reputation Protection

Our team of specialist lawyers and communications experts are available to advise in a crisis or proactively manage our clients' reputations or those of their business interests.

Cyber Security

Significant families are as vulnerable as organisations to cyber risks. Our team is able to provide discreet and personalised advice on those risks, review existing levels of security and provide solutions where required, for individuals, their families and their business interests globally.


After working with a family to identify their members' philanthropic objectives and parameters, we can advise on all aspects of establishing philanthropic structures, implement those structures and ensure that they are properly managed and administered.

Support Services for families

We professionalise the organisation and administration of a family's affairs.

Residency and Citizenship

We work with our clients to find the best international immigration solution to accommodate their needs and lifestyle. Our extensive contacts throughout the Immigration and Nationality Services in the UK, and with visa issuing posts overseas, allows us to obtain exceptional and expeditious results for our clients.

Property Advisory

We can facilitate residential and commercial property deals by bringing people, financial investment and opportunities together and we offer a single and comprehensive point of contact to procure, co-ordinate and oversee the multiplicity of professionals that can be involved in any real estate transaction.

Educational advice and services

From sourcing the correct school to preparing a child for entrance examinations, specialist education consultants will ensure that a child's educational needs are met at every stage of their life, from pre-school to Postgraduate Diploma. Beyond formal education we can help prepare children of the family for the world of business through our business advisory service.


To help protect clients from the unexpected and to mitigate against UK tax risks, we work with reputable providers who arrange comprehensive insurance coverage, tailored to the specific needs of an individual or family.

Lifestyle management

We provide bespoke lifestyle and financial coordination services including the finding, acquiring and protection of lifestyle assets.

Case Studies

A family of three siblings with holdings generating significant earnings had recently been involved in a lengthy family dispute. On settlement of the case we worked with the family to create a trust structure and distribution policy to ensure that this type of dispute could not arise again. Crucially, each family member agreed to all elements of the policy which, in addition to setting out principles for reinvestment and distribution, also accounts for the families' lifestyle needs and potential life events such as education, medical expenses, weddings, housing and divorce or other litigation and exit terms from the structure. Thus the assets are protected for the longer term and the potential for further family disputes is checked.

A family with a varied portfolio of business interests in different sectors each managed as independent businesses did not feel that they had sufficient oversight or control of their holdings. We have been appointed as the business advisor to the family with the remit to guide them on the management of these companies as part of their overall portfolio and to develop the strategies to generate profitable growth from them. We have responsibility for driving the execution of those strategies across the group and will also oversee all financial reporting and control.

We work with a family with extensive and complex international holdings that have grown in a haphazard way over many years. With multiple family branches and beneficiaries in a number of jurisdictions it was crucial to understand the numerous and varied trusts, companies and assets to ensure that the family's affairs were being properly managed and to secure the holdings for future generations.

Working closely with the family's advisors including company managers, foreign legal advisors and agents in multiple jurisdictions we have coordinated a review of the structure and orchestrated a streamlining and restructuring of the assets, ensuring that the resulting structure meets not only the requirements of the evolving regulatory environment but also the future needs of the extended family. This, combined with the work we have done with the family on succession planning and family governance, means that the family holdings are properly and efficiently managed on their behalf and secured for the future.

Going forward we have accepted the key role of protector to the various family trusts thus ensuring that the wishes of the founding father are implemented even when he is no longer with us.

We are working with a family who are relocating to the UK. We are planning and facilitating their move which includes advising them on pre-arrival tax planning, managing the immigration process for them and finding schools for the children. In addition we are helping them to find and purchase the family home and assisting in recruiting staff to work for them there. We are also establishing an offshore trust for the family and will oversee its administration.

Meet the Team

Alistair Morgan

Alistair Morgan

Chief Executive Officer
Mayfair Private

alistair.morgan@mayfairprivate.comT +44 203 321 7600
Deepak Malhotra

Deepak Malhotra

Chief Executive Officer
Mayfair Private Dubai

deepak.malhotra@mayfairprivate.aeT +971 (0)4 359 1313
Xijia Zhang

Xijia Zhang

Head of the China desk

xijia.zhang@mayfairprivate.comT +86 188 2280 4231
Lisa Zeitlin

Lisa Zeitlin

Chief Operating Officer

lisa.zeitlin@mayfairprivate.comT +44 203 321 7488